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"Upabon Parjatan"

Tourism in Prantik Lake and Upabon Parjatan, Bandorban

Prantik Lake With profuse ordinary splendors beauty Prantik Lake lies in Holodia near the Keranihat-Bandarban road. It is 14km away from Bandarban town.  It needs 30mnt’s drive. It shelters a zone of 2500acre. The organization authority of this lake is LGED. This lake is bounded by good lots of diversities of trees. It has been

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"Shangu River"

Tourism in Tahjingdong and Shangu River, Bandorban

Tahjingdong Tahjingdong is the highest mountain of Bangladesh. According to local tribal language Tahjing means Great & Dong means Hill, association appearance is Great hill or Tahjingdong. The topmost of this mountain is 4,300 ft above sea level. It is located in Remakri Pangsha union under Ruma upazilla of Bandarban. It is 25 km away

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"Golden Temple, Bandorban"

Tourism in Golden Temple and Keokradong, Bandorban

Golden Temple Golden Temple is located at the outer edge of Bandarban city nearby Pulpara, Balaghata. It is just 4 kilometer away from Bandarban city.  Its pagoda constructed on the top of the hills. It is considered as one of the holy place for Buddhist pilgrims. Followers of Buddhism from various countries gather here to

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"Rijuk Water Fall"

Tourism in Boga Lake and Rijuk Waterfall, Bandorban

Boga Lake This is the highest peak ordinary lake of Bangladesh. It is 3000fts exceeding sea level & 18km away from Ruma Sadar Upazilla. This lake has roofed and area of 15acre. The color of the water is blue. There are lots of allegorical stories behindhand the formation of this lake. Thousands of travelers create

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Tourism in Chimbuk and Nilgiri, Bandorban

Chimbuk Chimbuk is the 3rd highest mountain of Bangladesh. This is one of the most acknowledged acquainted tourist spot just 26km away from Bandarban sadar. It’s about 2500ft high overhead sea level. You will certainly be enchanted having foretastes of the wind way heading to chimbuk, nilgiri correspondingly. While your jeep is moving through the

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"Nilachal Bandarban"

Tourism in Nilachal and Shoylo Propat, Bandorban

Nilachal Nilachal is the nearby tourist spot from Bandarban. It is located at tiger Para. The spot is under joint management of district council & office of the district commission. It is approximately 2000 fit above of the sea level and 5 K.M away from the Bandarban town. From this you can have a total

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"Meghla Parjatan area Bandorban"

Tourism in Bandorban

Bandarban is the most beautiful tourist destination of Bangladesh. Nature has decorated in this area with its wonderful and impressive green ornaments. Prettiness is speckled all over the place of Bandarban in generous frame of mind. Everyone will discover the virgin attractiveness of Bandarban on each step he or she advances. Nature is the spendthrift

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TeaGarden in Sylhet, Bangladesh toristbd

Tourism in Sylhet

Sylhet is that the wide unsmooth district within the country. Next to Capitol Hill Tracts snuggled within the picturesque Surma vale amidst scenic tea plantations and plush inexperienced tropical forest, it’s a first-rate attraction for all tourists. Its terraced tea gardens, eye catching orange groves and pineapple plantations and hills coated with tropical forests kind

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"Tourism in Singra, Natore"

Tourism in Singra, Natore

Singra (Bengali: সিংড়া) is an Upazila of Natore District in the Division of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Geography: Singra is located at 24.5000°N 88.9833°E . It has 52851 units of house hold and total area 528.46 km². Demographics: As of the 1991 Bangladesh census, Singra has a population of 289952. Males constitute are 51.29% of the population, and

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"Beautiful Comilla"

Tourism in Comilla

Comilla is a most renowned tourist area in Bangladesh. Here have many places to visit for enchantment. Tourist areas in Comilla are War Cemetery, Lalmai hills, Maynamoti hills, Salban Vihara, (Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development)BARD, Dharmashagar, Maynamoti Museum, Comilla Zoo and Shah Shuja Masque. About Comilla Comilla is a big district in Chittagong division, Bangladesh. 

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