Cox's BazarCox's Bazar

Cox’s Bazar  is a very famous tourist spot of Bangladesh because it has long natural sandy sea beach. It is also District Headquarters and fishing port. It is located 398.3 km from Dhaka and 148.3 km south from Chittagong. The locals also call it Panowa or Palongkee (old name). It has the world’s largest unbroken golden sandy sea beach which stretches more than 120 km. Cox’s Bazar must first come to mind when you thought of traveling inside Bangladesh. Every year, Not only domestic tourists but also a lot of tourist from outside the country come to see this beach on the world. The amount of tourists who visit Cox’s Bazar is 64.3% of the total tourist in Bangladesh.  This beach is busy all over the year but November to march month is the busiest month for Cox’s Bazar. Rows & rows of jungles, soft beds of sand, beaches, hills & waterfalls in Cox’s Bazar.  Cox’s Bazar is the name for the enthralling beach of the blue waters & roaring of the Bay of Bengal.


Honeymoon Couple at Cox's Bazar
Honeymoon Couple at Cox’s Bazar

Main tourist spot in Cox’s Bazar:

Sughandha Beach:

Actually Sughandha Beach is within Cox’s Bazar city. This beach is the busiest beach as it is closer to most of the hotels, restaurants and others facilities in the city. There are so many stalls beside Sea Beach. Oysters, snails, pearls, ornaments etc are selling here.

Laboni Beach:

Laboni Beach is the most famous, crowded & festive beach because this beach is closer to the Cox’s Bazar city.  There is a big market just around the entrance of the beach. There are Hundreds of stalls here.  Various jewelries and necessary things are made of snails and oysters, handmade clothes and crafts, pearls etc are available in this market. There lots of seafood restaurants are also available there.

A girl is enjoying the natural beauty of Cox's Bazar
A girl is enjoying the natural beauty of Cox’s Bazar

Inani Beach:

Inani Beach is very famous spot in Cox’s Bazar for the Tourist. This beach is more than 70 km south of Cox’s Bazar city.  The main attractions of this beach are coral & rocks. The water of this Beach is blue and clean. This beach is very wide between others sea beach in Cox’s Bazar. Inani Beach is a quite beach so that this place can also be an ideal place for sea bathing. It is the best place for the honeymoon destination in Cox’s Bazar.  Inani Beach is littered with coral reefs little bit like St. Martin.  If you go to Inani Beach via Teknaf Marine Drive, you will be greeted by high hills and sea.

Himchhori Beach & National Park:

Himchhori is very famous place for tourist. It is located 12 km south of Cox’s Bazar Beach. This beach is very charming.  On one side is the sand sea and on the other side the green hill and the marine drive pouring pitch road in the middle. This place is perfect for picnic. There are so many restaurants which serving local Bangladeshi dishes with seafood. There is a national park opposite the Sea Beach.  You have to pay TK.30 to go to the Himchhari National Park. The sea can be seen from the top of the hill in the Himchhari National Park. There is a natural Jhorna (fountain) in this national park. This Jhorna is known as Himchhari Jhorna. This Jhorna is also called shooting spot because a lot of movies scene have been shot here.

Himchhori Beach & National Park
Himchhori Beach & National Park

Kolatoli Beach:

Kolatoli Beach is another attractive Beach for the tourist. This beach is 160 km long sandy Beach. In season (October- March) this beach are too crowded & festive. Every year visitor’s come here to take the real taste of taking sea-bath. You can enjoy beach riding, sea bath, driving sea ski boat, water bike riding and horse riding & also take various kinds of sea foods, Sea stone, Moonlight night. You can take your time to refresh your busy life.

Kolatoli Beach
Kolatoli Beach

Sonadia Island:

Sonadia Island is located at Kutubjim Union In Maheshkhali Upazila. It is a small Island in 15 km North-West of Cox’s Bazar. This Island is 9 km (3.5 square miles) long. This Island is one of the best Beach in Bangladesh and it’s almost like St. Martin.  This place is very charming place for camping. This Island is divided from the main Island by a canal. The Sunset & Sunrise are seen perfectly in this Island. This Island also Mangrove Forest like Sundarban.

Teknaf Sea Beach:

Teknaf is an upazila of the Cox’s Bazar.  It is the southernmost part in Bangladesh.  It’s share the border with Myanmar. The Sea Beach, Hills & Forests of Teknaf attracts tourists that are way this place is very famous.  Teknaf Sea Beach is one of the longest sandy Beach (80 km). The Beach is awesomely nice & attractive because it’s has blue & clean water. In front of the beach, you will see The Great Bay of Bengal.  Taknaf has also a reserved Forest named “ Teknaf Nature Park & this Forest is also a Mangrove Forest.

 Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park:

Bangabandhu Safari Park at Dulahazara is situated 48 km north of Cox’s Bazar city in the Dulahazara Block of Fasiakhali Range (Cox’s Bazar high way under Chakoria Upazila), South forest division of Cox’s Bazar District headquarters and it is 52 km away from Cox’s Bazar. The locals call this Park is Dulahajra Safari Park.  This Park was established in 1999 by Bangladesh Ministry of Forest & Environment. This Safari Park is the first Safari Park in Bangladesh.  Actually This Park is a Deer breeding center. This park is also research, education & recreation preferable Eco-tourism.  This Safari Park is covers an area of 900 hectares.  This Park has divided into 8 blocks. This Park is a affirmed protected area where the animals are kept in fairly large area with natural environment. Visitors can easily see the animals whenever they visit bus, jeep or on foot. It is home to various kinds of Deer’s, Tigers, Lions, Elephants, Bears, Crocodiles, hyenas, hippopotamuses, Pea-cocks etc. The entrance fee to this park is TK.20.

Kudum Cave (Bats Cave):

Kudum Cave is in The Teknaf Wildlife Sanctuary & this Cave which contains bats. This Cave is called a bat-cave because many bat are seen here. They are living here. This Cave is located in Whykeong Range under Cox’s Bazar Forest Division and also Chittaging Forest Circle. Kudum Cave is actually Inside the Teknaf Wildlife Sanctuary. This place is the Habitat of the wild Elephants. So, crossing this forest is very dangerous. Kudum Cave is known as bats sanctuary. In Chakma language Kudum means “long cave”. The uniqueness of this Cave is formed clayed-sandy soil. It is the only sand-mud in the Bangladesh. The cave is in an East-west direction. Its height varies from 10 to 14m, length is 38m, at the entry is about 2m & ranges from less than 1m at the extreme, at the middle place to 2.5m. The entry of this cave is large, so that some light can enter inside this cave. The 2 species of Bats, 3 species of Spiders, 4 species of fish in the Cave’s underwater & 4 species of snails were found in the Cave.

Kudum Cave
Kudum Cave

More Tourist Spots in Cox’s Bazar:

  1. Martin Island
  2. Aggmeda Khyang Monastery
  3. Ramu Rubber Garden
  4. Ramu Buddhist Monastery
  5. Shamlapur Beach
  6. Shahpari Island
  7. Kutubdia Island
  8. Adinath Temple
  9. Nitong Hill
  10. Kutha Hill
  11. Toinga Hill
  12. Radiant Fish World

How to go:

Cox’s Bazar is very famous place for tourist because of its easy travel system from Dhaka. There are so many buses from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. They are- St. Martin Paribahon, S Alam, Soudia, Green Line, Shyamoli, Sohag, Morden Line, Hanif Enterprise, Shah Bahadur etc Paribahan. There are AC & non AC buses rent will be between TK. 900-2000.

Cox’s Bazar can also be reached by airplanes in 40 to 45 minutes. There are so many airlines from Dhaka Airport to Cox’s Bazar. They are- Regent Airways, Navo Air, United Airways etc. The plane Fare will be TK.3500-8500.

You can also go via train from Dhaka, Kamalapur to Chittagong. From Chittagong Then you have to go to Cox’s Bazar by various bus services.

Form Cox’s Bazar Or Laboni Point is always open for hire Chander Gari (jeep), Auto, CNG, battery powered Rickshaw etc. You can take reserve those vehicles for per day. You can also use local services. Rent is fixed according to the place. You can visit the spots of Cox’s Bazar  by renting as much as you can.But if you want to go to Kudum Cave then you need to take a guide. From Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf, you will come across Whai Kyang and then walk 2 km long walkway in the deepest jungle.

What to do in Cox’s Bazar:

  1. Visiting Sea Beaches.
  2. Taking Sea bath
  3. Eating Seafood.
  4. Must do Parasailing, Water Biking, Beach Biking, Horse Riding
  5. Must visiting Forests & Waterfall.
  6. You can get on the open-roof Sightseeing Marine Drive Bus

(The bus is travelling along the Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf marine drive road& giving tourist to watch the Sea Beach water from top & hilly forest areas on the other side. The length of this road is around 80 KM.)


the open-roof Sightseeing Marine Drive Bus
The open-roof Sightseeing Marine Drive Bus

Where do you stay?

There are so many Resorts, Hotels, and Guest Houses & Motels in Cox’s Bazar. There are several 3 stars to 7 star hotels in beachside at Cox’s Bazar for the tourist.  They are- Marmaid Beach Resort, Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort, Seagull Hotel, Sayemon Beach Resort, Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa Cox’s Bazar, Bluemoon Resort, HOTEL THE COX BEACH RESORT, Palm Riviera, Shamuda Waves Resort etc. According to your budget you will find both cheap & expensive options to stay in those Resorts/Hotels/Guest house/Motels.

Resorts in Cox's Bazar
Resorts in Cox’s Bazar

Where to eat:

If you stay at Resorts/Hotels/Guest house/Motels, you can order food per their food menu. Also, you guys can enjoy the sea food in Sughandha Beach, Laboni point and  Live fish hotel.

Seafood In Cox's Bazar
Seafood in Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar, always a preferable place to visit of the tourist.

It is our Responsibility to keep our tourist spots clean. Let’s keep the spots neat & clean as we go around. Happy Travelling 🙂


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