Rangamati is one of the most beautiful hilly place in Bangladesh. It is having so much Allah gifted natural beauties like Hills, lake, Waterfalls, Jhiri Paths etc. Dhuppani Waterfall is one of the most beautiful, gorgeous and mysterious Waterfall in Bangladesh.

Natural Beauty of Rangamati
Natural Beauty of Rangamati
Beautiful Dhuppani Waterfall
Beautiful Dhuppani Waterfall

Now a day, Dhuppani waterfall is very popular tourist spot in Rangamati.  Dhuppani Waterfall is located at Orachhari (hilly village) in Farua Union of Bilachhari Upazila in Rangamati. This Waterfall is also known as Duppani Waterfall.  In Tanchanga, “Dup” means white and “Pani (water) means water. Basically the water of this Waterfall is clear when its water falls from a very high place it is only seen as white. Its height is almost 300 ft high. The water of this Waterfall falls down with a great speed from the rocky walls. Due to the high altitude, the water does not evaporate when it goes down. The sound of the water rushing from this waterfall can be heard from a distance of about 2 km and in the rainy season it proves to be more distant.

Dhuppani can be seen from a distance
Dhuppani can be seen from a distance
Dhuppani Waterfall (PC: Masum Hossen)
Dhuppani Waterfall (PC: Masum Hossen)
A boy is enjoying the natural beauty
A boy is enjoying the natural beauty

This Waterfall is hidden from public view before. The Waterfall became popular in 2000 (year). A Buddhist Monk has been meditating under the Waterfall since 2000 (year). At first he (Buddhist Monk) meditated day and night in this Waterfall for about 3 months. Later, some locals went to serve the Monk at certain times of the day then the Waterfall becomes known to the public.

There is a small hidden cave inside this Waterfall. The location of this cave cannot be understood from a distance. This cave is very popular for tourist. Almost all tourist take pictures in this cave.

A little cave inside the Waterfall
A little cave inside the Waterfall

Deers, Wild boar, wild cats, Bears, Snakes etc are roaming in this forest of the Waterfall. Even there, sometimes the Wild cat and Bear’s footsteps are seen here.

How to go Dhuppani Waterfall:

Dhaka to Kaptai:

There are so many buses from Fakirapul/ Sayedabad/ kamlapur in Dhaka. They are- Shyamoli, S. Alam, BRTC, Unique, Hanif Paribahon etc. The cast will be those buses around TK.650- 1200 (AC/ non AC). All buses leave between 8.30 to 11.30 pm.

Chittagong to kaptai:

You have to go to Rangamati bus terminal in Oxygen area of Chittagong. In half an hour from there you will find Paharika Bus and local bus service. Paharika bus fare is TK.110 and local bus fare is TK.85. Also for those who want to travel comfortably, there is some services are S. Alam, Hanif,Unique & BRTC. The fare of those services is TK.100-120.

You can also go to Rangamati with your own car or rented micro/car/cab.

Rangamati Town to kaptai:

From all over the city of Rangamati you can go to the Kaptai launch ghat by CNG.

Kaptai to Dhuppani Waterfall:

You can hire a Engine Boat (trawler) from the launch ghat and reached Bilaichhari Market. There are two ways to go from Kaptai to Bilaichhari one- Reserve Engine Boat (trawler) and another Local Engine Boat

(Trawler).  If you want to reserve a Engine Boat (trawler) you will have to pay between TK. 1000-1500. If you want to go to in a local Engine Boat ( trawler), you will pay TK.55 per person. The first one left from Kaptai ghat at 8.30 am.  Then Engine Boat (Trawler) leave after every one hour. It will take another 2 hours from Bilaichhari to cross the hilly river path to Uluchhari. You must take a guide from Uluchhari Boat point. The guide fee will be around TK.500 (fixed).  You have to take Boat (dinghy boat) from Uluchhari and it will have to pay you TK.300-400. This boat will take you through the deep forest canals. This boat will take 15-20 minutes. Those boats can carry a maximum of 6 people. You have to get off the boat and go to Dhuppani Para along the hilly road. You need 2 to 3 hours of trekking. Dhuppani waterfall is just 200 meters down from Dhuppani Para. It takes about 30 minutes to go to Dhuppani Waterfall from Dhuppani Para.

Where do you stay?

There is a boarding system in bilaichhari. The name of this boarding is Niribili Boarding (Double bed TK.500 and single bad TK.300). The proprietor of this boarding is Sanjay Talukder (Phone number- 01827-722905, 01553-128673)

Where to eat?

There are many hotels in the Bilaichhari Market. They are- Bhat Ghar, Bakul Shop etc. The food quality is good especially fish items. The price is relatively low.


  1. Must take National Identity Card/ Birth Certificate/ College or University student ID card/ Employee ID Card/ Passport.
  2. Must take a guide in Uluchhari boat point.
  3. Must take trekking shoes.
  4. Be sure to bring dry food, saline, water and some first aid with you.
  5. You must take permission from the Army camp before going to spot.
  6. It is not safe to take children and adults of this track.
  7. Take care of your safety on the steep slopes.
  8. Be sure to follow the path (hilly road) shown by the guide.
  9. There is a humble request not to shout in Waterfall ( hoi coi).
  10. Be careful when walking on the hilly Paths and Jhiris.
  11. You will find leeches on the trail. So, you can keep salt with you.
  12. While visiting the spots, you can see the various fields of the residents. Refrain from destroying and stealing the crops of those fields.
  13. Do good behave with the local people.
  14. Please keep the prestige of religion. Never disrespect the religion.


It is our responsibility to keep our tourist spots clean. Let’s keep the spots neat & clean as we go around.




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