Hum hum WaterfallHum hum Waterfall

Hum Hum Waterfall is located in the Kurma deep forest area in Rajkandi reserve forest in Kamalganj upazila Moulvibazar. The locals call it “Hammam Jharna” or “Cheetah Jhorna”. There are some story behind the names “Hammam” and “Cheetah”. Many say that- some people used to pronounce the word “Hammam (Bath)” while taking a bath in the Waterfall. So the locals used to call Hummam- Hum Hum. Again, many say that at one time leopards could be seen in the Rajkandi forest. In Bangle language- Leopards are called Cheetah. Since leopards could be seen in the forest, the locals called “Cheetah Waterfall”.

Girls are enjoying the natural beauty of Hum hum Waterfall
Girls are enjoying the natural beauty of Hum hum Waterfall

This Waterfall was hidden from the people for a long time. This Waterfall was discovered in 2009. It was discovered by a group of tourists with guide Shyamal Dev Burma. Due to the Inaccessibility of the road and the location of the waterfall so far on one has seen. The height of the fall is about 135 to 170 feet (guess the tourists). There is on officially established or tested opinion about the height of this Waterfall. However, according to researchers, the range of this Waterfall is about three times larger than Madhabkundo Waterfall.

On the way to Hum hum Waterfall
Way to go Hum hum Waterfall

To go Hum Hum Waterfall, you have to trek 4 to 5 hours from beginning to end the Jungle & muddy paths. The way to this Waterfall is very inaccessible. Basically Rajkandi reserve forest is a place where you can find the real taste of adventure. When you travel from first to last the jungle, you surely can find the limitless beauty created by the God. Many unnamed wild flowers, herbs, shrubs, bamboo forest, fruits trees around this Waterfall. The body of this Waterfall Mountain is covered with hard rock. The best season to visit this Waterfall is in the rainy season to discover the unlimited beauty of the Waterfall. This Waterfall has 2 steps. Water has flowed from the upper step to the middle step and from there the water falls into the shallow ditch below.

Boys are enjoying the natural beauty of Hum hum Waterfall
Boys are enjoying the natural beauty of Hum hum Waterfall

How to go?

Srimangal is 190 km away from Dhaka. You may take train or even bus to reach Sreemangal ditectly from Dhaka. There are so many train services departs from Kamalapur (Dhaka) for Sreemangal. They are- Parabat Express, Jayantika Express, Upban Express. The fare of those train are TK.75 to 240.  There are so may bus services from Dhaka to Sreemangal. And they are- Hanif, Shyamoli, Manum, Unique Paribahan etc from Dhaka’s Sayedabad, Kamalapur, Arambagh etc.

To reach Hum Hum Waterfall, you need to state your journey early in the morning about 5-6 a.m. You have to go from Sreemangal to Kalabanpara by CNG. Up & down will take about TK.1500 to 2000.  After reaching Kalabanpara, there are lots of guides available who can help you to reach the Hum Hum Waterfall. Guides will take TK.200-300. You have to walk for about two and half hour in the deep and hilly forest, about 6 km in the forest.

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  1. The most important things like Knife, torch, fresh water, saline, glucose, dry foods & fast aid are must carrying for everyone.
  2. Everyone should take must bamboo sticks as a support for you.
  3. Must take trekking shoes.
  1. There are leeches on the way to this Waterfall. So you must keep salt with you to avoid leech.
  2. To keep the weight of your backpack as low as possible.
  3. Must take with you Voter ID Card/ photocopy of college or university ID card/ birth certificate/ passport.

It is our Responsibility to keep our tourist spots clean. Let’s keep the spots neat & clean as we go around. Happy Travelling 😉


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