Risang WaterfallRisang Waterfall

Khagrachhari is known as “The cith of Valleys” and located in South-Eastern part in Chittagang Hill Tracts region. It is also “The Queen of Natural Beauty”. Locally Khagrachhari is known as “Chengmi”. This is is one of the most attractive places for tourists with hills,forests & waterfalls. The Distance from Dhaka to Khagrachhari is 273.2 km. Rainy season is the best season of tourism for the visitors.

How to go Khagrachhari?

By bus you can go to Khagrachhari from Dhaka.The direct buses are available from Dhaka, Thay are- Eagle, S.Alam, BRTC, Shyamoli, Shanti etc Paribahan.


Main spots to visit at Khagrachhari –

Taiduchhara jhorna 

Taiduchhara is one of the best jhorna in Khagrachhari. In Tripura language-‘ Taidu means door of water ‘ & ‘chhara means jhorna’. Taiduchhara jhorna is located in the middle of the green hills in Dighinala upazila of Khagrachhari. It’s height is 300 feet. There are lots of stone steps on the hill. Waterfalls down over the steps. Before reaching at Taiduchhara Jharna, there are large boulders in the shape of different animals in several places. You will see some stones; it seems that a herd of elephants is lying in the water with its cubs. A Fantastic waterfall is situated next to it. Naturally cast with stones under water. It is not possible for anyone to control the temptation to take a bath in clean water.

Taiduchhara Jhorna
Taiduchhara Jhorna

Thangjhang Jhorna

Thangjhang Jhorna on the top of the hill in Dighinala of Khagrachhari. It is also the beautiful Jhorna in Khagrachhari. This Jhorna is in nearby Taiduchhara Jhorna.It is located on the right side of Taiduchara jhorna. The water of Thangjhang jhorna spring has created a ripple. The water of this jhorna Jhiri has created the Taiduchhara spring. It is an ideal jhorna for those who love trekking in the forest & mountain.

Khagrachhari to Taiduchhara & Thangjhang Jhorna

At first you have to go Dighinala from Khagrachhari town by bus or local service (Chander gari, CNG etc.). From there you have to go Dighinala bazar and hire a guide. Then you have to start tracking from a place called Jamtali. After crossing Jhiripath, high and low hills, after walking for about 3 hour, you wlii come to Taiduchhara jharna & from there it is 1 hour to Thanjhang jharna. The gaide cost will be around TK.500 to 700.

Risang Waterfall

This waterfall is one of the best top ranking waterfall in Bangladesh. It is located at Sapmara village in Matiranga upazila of Khagrachhari. This waterfall also known as ‘Sapmara Risam jhorna’. In Marma language-‘ The word ring means water’ & ‘chang means something falling from a high place’. It’s height is 100 feet. The main attraction of this waterfall is it has natural water sliding, the slope of the waterway has created natural this sliding.

A man looking at Risang Waterfall
A man looking at Risang Waterfall
A group of girls enjoying Risang Waterfall
A group of girls enjoying Risang Waterfall

Apu Jhorna

This jhorna is located in Matiranga union of Khagrachhari. The name of this jhorna has become popular since it was introduced in a travel site.

Khagrachhari to Risang Waterfall & Apu Jhorna

You can hire Chander Gari or CNG (reserve) from Khagraghhari. It will bring you to the Member para. From the Member para you will cross the hilly path and go down the 235 step stairs to the waterfall.
And for Apu jhorna , from the member para- go straight to the left without going towards Risang, 20 yards in front and if you look to the left,you will see a tamarind tree about 15 yards away. If you go down to the side of the tamarind tree and go to the left about 15 minutes, you will find Apu jhorna at the head of Jhiri. If you go to the left holding Jhiri, you will find apu jharna at the end of jhiri.

Alutila Cave

Alutila Cave is located at Matiranga Upazila in Khagrachari. It is also called Alutila Mysterious Cave. It is a natural cave. The cave is 100 meters long. This cave is located on Alutila hill or Arbari hill. The locals call it ‘The Debota cave’. This cave is very dark & cool. The bottom of the cave is slippery & rocky and a fountain is flowing at its bottom. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get out from one side to other side of the cave. If you want to go to this cave, first you have to buy a ticket from the main gate and then you have to buy a torch (Moshal).

Alutila Cave
Alutila Cave

Khagrachhari to Alutila cave

You have to go to Alutila Cave by Chander Gari/ Local bus / CNG from Khagrachhari town.

Mayung Kapal

This place is located at Perachhara union in Khagrachhari. It is also known by ‘Hatimatha’& ‘Hatimura’. Actually this is a high hilly road. In Chakma language- it is called ‘Edo Sire Mon’. Many people also call it ‘The Stairs to heaven’. To make life a little easier for the hilly people, a 306 feet long iron staircase has been built in Perachhari. The stairs are looks like a Head of Elephant.

Mayung Kapal
Mayung Kapal

Khagrachhari to Mayung Kapal 

To go Mayung Kapal you have to go Jamtoli. After reaching out at Jamtoli, you have to left side first then go staright forward to cross the Changi River. After crossing the Changi River, go to right side (Paltan Joy School road) then you will find a tea stall and go via right side road from the tea stall. Also, you have cross bamboo bridge to reach at Bogra Para. From Bogra para (take help from local people) you have go to Kaptola. After crossing the Kaptola you will be able to see the Heaven of Stairs.

New Zealand Para

It is located 1.5 km of Khagrachhari town and on the south side of Pankhai Para. The road from Pankhai Para to Perachhara village is called New Zealand road. This is the only flat land of Khagrachhari. The landscape of this area looks like New Zealand. That’s why the locals named it New Zealand Para. The nature of the deep and light green hills, the blue sky above, flowing river, sounds of waterfall etc. you can enjoy from this village.

New Zealand Para
New Zealand Para

Khagrachhari to New Zealand para

From Khagrachhari city you can go to New Zealand by CNG or Auto service.

Debotar Pond

Debotar Pond is located at Nunchhari in Khagrachhari. The Pond is located at the top of the hill at an altitude of 700 feet above sea level. The water in the pond is considered by the locals to be a blessing from the Gods. The water of this pond never dries up. Extensive mountain range around the pond. The size of the pond is about 1500 feet in length and about 600 feet in width.

Khagrachhari to Debotar Pond

You have to go to Mayeschhari by Chander Gari or CNG from Khagrachhari town. After reaching out Mayeschhari You have to walk around 2/3 km hilly road.

Harticulture Park

Harticulture Park is very popular park in Khagrachhari city. This park has a beautiful hanging bridge and a large swimming pool. This is the best place to spend time with family and friends. Inside the park there are hills on both sides and a nice lake flowing through the middle. The entry fee to the park is TK 20.

Khagrachhari to Harticulture Park

You have to go to Harticulture Park by Chander Gari/CNG/Auto/Rickshaw/ Motorcycle from Khagrachhari town.

Hajachhara Waterfall

Hajachhara Waterfall is also called Shuknachhara Waterfall. Although Hajachhara Waterfall is in Rangamati but it is bettter to go via Khagrachhari. It is very beautiful to see this Waterfall in the rainy season. It is located in Baghaichhari upazila of Rangamati.

Khagrachhari to Hajachhara Waterfall

From Khagrachhari you need to hire a Chander gari/CNG/Motor bike to go Hajachhara Jhorna. You need to walk 10 to 15 minutes to see the water fall.

Also more places of interest in Khagrachhari

#Shantipur Aranya Kutir
#Banyan tree ‘more than a hundred years old’ (Matiranga)
#Kamvanga( Khagrachhari Sadar)
#Bhanga Mura (Khagrachhari Sadar)
#Bhagaban Tila (Matiranga)
#Dighinala Bon Bihar ( Dighinala)
#Manikker Dighi ( Dighinala)
#Dighinla Waterfall(Dighinala)
#Reserve Forest(Dighinala)
#Aranya Kutir( Panchhari)
#Panchhari Brihot Buddha Sculpture (Panchhari)
#Mahalchhari Thana Bhaban ( Mahalchhari)
#Chengi Bridge (Mahalchhari)
#Chitta Mandir ( Mahalchhari)
# Dhumoni Ghat (Mahalchhari)
#Mung Rajbari (Manikchhari)
#Sindukchhari Pond(Manikchhari)
#Sundar Shah Tomb(Manikchhari)
#Mahamuni Buddhist Monastery (Ramgarh)
#Ramgarh Lake & Tea Garden(Ramgarh)
#Ramgarh hill(Ramgarh)
#SDO Bungalow(Ramgarh)
#Shilachhari Buddhist Vihara (Laakshmichhari)
#Masterpara Buddhist Keyang(Laakshmichhari)
#Majorpara Buddhist Keyang(Laakshmichhari)
#Lakshmichhari Waterfall(Laakshmichhari)
#Shilachhari Cave(Laakshmichhari)
#Sapachhari Waterfall(Laakshmichhari)

Where do you stay?

Government & Private rest houses, hotels, motels & resorts are available in Khagrachhari.

*Note: Since it is easy to go to Sajek from Khagrachhari, when planning for Sajek tour; you must visit Hajachhara Waterfall, Alutila Cave, Risang Waterfall, Apu Jhorna, New Zealand Para, Debotar Pond & Harticulture Park.

It is our Responsibility to keep our tourist spots clean. Let’s keep the spots neat & clean as we go around. Happy Travelling 🙂

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