Waterfall in BangladeshWaterfall in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country in the World (South-Asian region). The people around the world called it Queen of all country due to the natural beauty. Local human of this country are very patriotic and friendly. Bangladesh is full-filled with many natural beauties such as Hill, Sea, Mangrove forest etc. If you visit this county you will find many beautiful waterfalls across the Bangladesh. Below I have shared the list of the waterfalls present in Bangladesh. Basically they are invented waterfalls list, there may be more waterfalls present but still they are not seen by any human.

Suptadhara Waterfall
Suptadhara Waterfall

List of the Waterfalls in Chattogram:

  1. Khaiyachhara Waterfall
  2. Napittachhara Watewrfall
  3. Jhorjhori Waterfall
  4. Harinmara Waterfall
  5. Shahasradhara Waterfall
  6. Suptadhara Waterfall
  7. Kamaldah Waterfall
  8. Chagolkanda Waterfall
  9. Kupikata Waterfall
  10. Baghbiyani Waterfall
  11. Bandarkum Waterfall
  12. Mithachhari Waterfall
  13. Boalia Waterfall
  14. Bausha Waterfall
  15. Omormanikko Waterfall
  16. N Haitey Kum Waterfall
  17. Uthan Dhal Waterfall
  18. Murti Waterfall
  19. Sorger Shiri Waterfall
  20. Hatuvanga Waterfall
  21. Sorpprapat Waterfall
  22. Badabkundu Waterfall
  23. Ruposhi Waterfall
Harinmara Waterfall
Harinmara Waterfall

List of the Waterfalls in Khagrachhari :

  1. Toilafang Waterfall
  2. Risang Waterfall
  3. Apu Waterfall
  4. Taiduchhara Waterfall
  5. Thangjhang Waterfall
  6. Dhighinala Waterfall
  7. Lakshmichhari Waterfall
  8. Sapachhari Waterfall
Damtua Waterfall
Damtua Waterfall

List of the waterfalls in Rangamati :

  1. Ghagra Waterfall
  2. Gachkata Waterfall
  3. Muppochhara Waterfall
  4. Kamlak Waterfall
  5. Dhuppani Waterfall
  6. Shuvolang (big) Waterfall
  7. Shuvolang (small) Waterfall
  8. Hajachhara Waterfall
  9. N Kata Waterfall
  10. Sikam Toisha Waterfall
  11. Pukurpara Waterfall
Dhuppani Waterfall (PC: Masum Hossen)
Dhuppani Waterfall (PC: Masum Hossen)

List of the waterfalls in Sylhet:

43. Kulumchhara Waterfall

44. Sangrampungi Waterfall

45. Panthumai Waterfall

List of the waterfalls in Moulovibazar:

  1. Madhobkundo Waterfall
  2. Hum hum Waterfall
  3. Parikundu Waterfall

List of the waterfalls in Cox’s Bazar:

  1. Himchhari Waterfall

List of the waterfalls in Bandarban:

  1. Nafakhum Waterfall
  2. Amiakhum Waterfall
  3. Tuinum Waterfall
  4. Zingsiam Saitar Waterfall
  5. Wang-Pa Waterfall
  6. Langlok Waterfall
  7. Shilabandha Waterfall
  8. Baklai Waterfall
  9. Likkhyang Waterfall
  10. Tinam Waterfall
  11. Palong Khiyang Waterfall
  12. Damtua Waterfall
  13. Tar Te Waterfall
  14. Faipi Waterfall
  15. Patang Jhiri Waterfall
  16. Rumanapara Waterfall
  17. Kraikhong Waterfall
  18. Tlabong Waterfall
  19. Chingri Waterfall
  20. Shoilopropat Waterfall
  21. Rupmuhuri Waterfall
  22. Jadipai Waterfall
  23. Lung Pher Va Saitar Waterfall
  24. Liluk Waterfall
  25. Rupali Waterfall
  26. Poyamuhuri Waterfall
  27. Reserve Waterfall
  28. Nera Matha Waterfall
  29. Padmamuk Waterfall
  30. Tinap Saitar Waterfall
  31. Rijuk Waterfall
Nafakhum Waterfall
Nafakhum Waterfall (PC: Masum Hossen)

Till now, I was able to make a list of 80 waterfalls in Bangladesh. If you know more names of the waterfalls which are not mentioned here, please reply me in the comment box. So, I can add them in the list.

It is our Responsibility to keep our tourist spots clean. Let’s keep the spots neat & clean as we go around. Happy Travelling 😉

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