Rangamati is south-eastern district of Chittagong Division in Bangladesh.  Rangamati is a beautiful district with covered Kaptai Lake and also green Islands. The color of the district soil is red. In bangle, red is called lal.  In some regional language of Bangle, lal is called ranga. Due to the soil, this area is called Rangamati.  Rangamati is situated at the side of Kaptai Lake. For this, Rangamati is called as the Lake city of Bangladesh.  Rangamati is just 308.9 km away from Dhaka and just 77 km away from Chattogram town. Rangamati is a tourist place to enjoy a beautiful lake is flowing around highlands, Waterfalls, rivers and the simplistic lifestyle of tribal people. You can make a plan for Rangamati tour based on our real story.

By renting an engine boat in the Kaptai Lake you can visit several places in Rangamati in one day. In this blog I’ll tell you about Rangamati tour in one day.

How to go Rangamati?

To complete the Rangamati tour at first you have go to Rangamati, below we have shared detail itinerary.

Dhaka to Rangamati By Bus:There are so many buses from Fakirapul/ Sayedabad/ kamlapur in Dhaka. They are- Shyamoli, S. Alam, BRTC, Unique, Hanif Paribahon etc. The cast will be those buses around TK.650- 1200 (AC/ non AC). All buses leave between 8.30 to 11.30 pm.

Dhaka to Chattogram by Train: There are so many train services departs from Kamalapur , Dhaka for Chittagong. The intercity train Subarna Express, Mohanagar Provati, Karnaphuli Express, Mohanagar Goduli, Sonar Bangla Express, Turna Express etc are available for Chittagong. The fare of those trains is TK.160-1093.

Dhaka to Chattogram by air:  From Dhaka’s Shahjalal International Airport- Biman Bangladesh, United air, Regent Air, Novo Air and US Bangla Air fly daily to Shah Amanat International Airport in Chattogram. The fare of that air is TK.300-8000.

Chattogram to Rangamati by Bus: You have to go to Rangamati bus terminal in Oxygen area/Bahdarhat bus stand of Chattogram. In half an hour from there you will find Paharika Bus and local bus service. Paharika bus fare is TK.110 and local bus fare is TK.85. Also for those who want to travel comfortably, there is some services are S. Alam, Hanif,Unique & BRTC. The fare of those services is TK.100-120.

You can also go to Rangamati with your own car or rented micro/car/cab.

After reaching at Rangamati, you have to rent an engine boat to complete Rangamati tour in one day. You can rent a boat for the whole day from the reserve ghat. Boats for all day cruises have separate special packages. The package contains a few spots of Rangamati. Packages are like that- Hanging Bridge, Shuvolang (Big,Small)Waterfall, Chan Pang, Cakma tribal village, Nirbarn Nagar Buddhist Temple, Peda Ting Ting, Mejang etc.


Our Travel Story: 

After opening of the tourist spots from the lockdown due to the Corona, on 20th August 2020 (night), we left for Rangamati with 6 friends. We started our journey from Fakirapul bus stand in Dhaka at 9.00 pm to Rangamati. The bus dropped us off at the new bus stand Rangamati at 4:45 am. After a short walk from new bus stand we get up at the Hotel Mati Mahal. We freshen up at the hotel. This hotel is located right next to Kaptai Lake. This hotel has a common balcony on each floor. Kaptai Lake can be seen from these balconies.

Balcony view of Hotel Moti Mahal( Kaptai Lake)
Balcony view of Hotel Moti Mahal( Kaptai Lake)

Leaving the hotel, we went to a restaurant for breakfast. The name of this restaurant is St. Martin’s restaurant & Birani House. After breakfast we went to the Reserve Bazar Ghat.  It took us 10 minutes to get to the Ghat from the restaurant. After reserving a engine boat from the Ghat, we left at 7:30 in the morning. Generally, tourists like to visit all the spots of Rangamati by engine boat. It is very amazing to see Kaptai Lake in the morning. Kaptai Lake is the largest artificial lake in South-Asia. The beauty of this lake can be compared to the Bali of Indonesia. This Lake is our national resource of Bangladesh because electricity is generated from this lake. In the morning, many fishermen are seen fishing in the lake with big nets. There are 79 types of fish in this lake. While going by boat, you will see the natural beauty of the lake we reached our 1st spot Nirban Nagar Buddhist Temple. There is a huge Buddhist Statue on the top of Nirban Nagar hill. It takes about 15-30 minutes to reach the summit on foot from the bottom of the hill. You can enjoy at Rangamati tour the excellent view of the whole lake from the summit of the hill.

Nirban Nagar Buddhist Temple
Nirban Nagar Buddhist Temple

Then we go to our 2nd spot Chakma Tribe village. After walking around this hilly village, we went to our 3rd spot Shubolong Waterfall. Entry fee to Shubolong Waterfall (big) is TK.15. The height of this Waterfall is about 300 feet. It is located about 25 km from Rangamati town. We spent a lot of time in this Waterfall and we get wet as we wish. There is a canteen next to the ticket counter of this Waterfall where tea made with Shubolong’s water is available. Leaving this Waterfall, we go to Shubolong Small Waterfall. The size of the small Waterfall is much smaller than the big. Although small, the water flow of the small waterfall was higher than that of the big Waterfall.

Shubolang Waterfall (big)
Shubolang Waterfall (big)
Shubolang Waterfall (small)
Shubolang Waterfall (small)

Then we left for our 5th spot Mejang. Mejang is basically a hilly restaurant. This restaurant is on a small hill and is a very popular restaurant for the tourist. The restaurant serves a variety of hilly dishes. We were ordering white rice, bamboo chicken, hilly salad, Chapila dried fish vorta, Mala fish vorta, pulses etc. The atmosphere of this restaurant is very nice & quite. You can enjoy the distant mountains while eating.

Mejang Restaurant
Mejang Restaurant

From here we finish our lunch and go to our 6th and last spot Hanging/Suspension Bridge. The entry fee to this bridge is TK.20 and need to pay TK.30 as parking charge for the engine boat. The main attraction of Rangamati is this bridge. The 335 feet long bridge at the end of Rangamati town on the part Kaptai Lake is the most attractive spot for tourist. The bridge is called “Symbol of Rangamati”. After visiting 6 spots os Rangamati, we will go to Rangamati Sadar again by boat in the evening to our Hotel Moti Mahal.

Hanging Bridge
Hanging Bridge

Numbers required for this tour:

Shyamoli Paribahan- (02)9127698, 01908899550, 01908899551

Hotel Mati Mahal- 035162828, 01705373730

Nayan Tourist & Boat service – 01556707507, 01872167137

Mejang Restaurant- 01862565296, 01640921413

St. Martin’s Restaurant & Birani House- 01855860556, 01553103051

It is our Responsibility to keep our tourist spots clean. Let’s keep the spots neat & clean as we go around. Happy Travelling 😉

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