Bholaganj is the most attractive & beautiful place in Sylhet, Bangladesh. To the locals this place is known as white stone. Bholaganj is a border village of Companiganj Upazila at Sylhet. This place is the first stone quarry area in Companiganj Upazila. The distance from Sylhet to Bholaganj is only 35 km. The Indian state of Meghalaya is on the border. Tourist comes here every day to see the white ropeways, stone quarries & mountains which is in India’s Meghalaya when you get to this amazing spot.

Beautiful Bholaganj
Beautiful Bholaganj
The natural beauty of Sada Pathor (PC: Tofail Hridoy)
The natural beauty of Sada Pathor (PC: Tofail Hridoy)

The people of Assam, the capital city of Shillong, once upon a time used to travel by this route. The Dhalai River, which descends from the Khasia Jaintia hills in India, brings down a lot of rocks every year during the monsoon season. There is also a huge deposit of stone at the bottom of Dhalai River. These stones come with water and are spread over a huge area of Bholaganj Zero Point.

Tourist are enjoying the natural beauty of Sada Pathor
Tourist are enjoying the natural beauty of Sada Pathor

May to October is the best time to visit Bholaganj Sada Pathor. The comnination of Meghalaya hills, Dhalai river and white stones has made Bholaganj very Beautiful.  Tourist flocks to see this beauty in the rainy season. During the rainy season, there are currents in the Dhalai River so that you can wet your body.

A group of tourist at Sada Pathor
A group of tourist at Sada Pathor

Bholaganj Ropeway:

The Bholaganj ropeway project was constructed at a cost of TK. 2.5 crores during the period 1984-1989. The British ropeway Engineering company Implemented the project. Under the project, 120 tower excavation plants were constructed for the 11 mile long ropeway from Bholaganj to Chhatak. But at the present this project has been closed for 12 years.

How to go Bholaganj:

To go to Bholaganj, you must first come Kadamtali of Sylhet city from anywhere in Bangladesh. Buses, train and air are available from Dhaka to Sylhet.

Dhaka to Sylhet by bus:There are so many buses from Fakirapul, Kamalapur, Sayedabad and Shymoli, Dhaka to Sylhet. They are- Green line Paribahan, ENA Transports, Unique Paribahan, BRTC, Hanif Enterprise, Al Mobaraka Paribahan, Mamun Enterprise, RP Aliganch  etc ( AC and non AC buses are available on this route. The fare of those buses is TK.600-1500 for AC bus and TK.400-500 for non AC buses.

Dhaka to Sylhet by train:There are so many train services departs from Kamalapur , Dhaka for Sylhet. The intercity train Parabat Express, Jayantika Express, Upban Express, Kalni Express are available for Sylhet. The fare of those trains is TK.150-1018. If you go by train, it is best to take the Upban Express at 9.50 pm because it will be early in the morning and you can start your journey from morning.

Dhaka to Sylhet by air: From Dhaka’s Shahjalal International Airport- Biman Bangladesh, United air, Regent Air, Novo Air and US Bangla Air fly daily to Osmani Airport in Sylhet. The fare of those air is TK.300-8000.

Chittagong to Sylhet by train: Paharika Express, Udayan Express is available for Sylhet from Chittagong. The fare of those trains is TK.145-1090.

When you come to Sylhet, you have to come to Kadamtali.  From Kadamtoli you have to come to Amberkhana Point by rickshaw, the fare will be TK.50-80. You will get CNG from Amberkhana Point to Bholaganj (local fare TK.130 per person). If you want you can also go to the reserve, in that case the rent will be TK.1200. After going through Bholaganj CNG you have to rent a boat to go to Sada pathar at Zero Point.

Where do you stay?

There is no good arrangement for staying in Bholaganj/Companiganj. You can visit Bholaganj and stay in Sylhet.


  1. However, if the current is more careful, you can go with the current and hitting a rock can lead to a major accident.
  2. Be careful while walking in the river water because the rocks are slippery.
  3. There is a system of dress change for girls on this spot (per person TK.20)
  4. There is also a washroom (per person TK.10,20)
  5. There is a parking facility at Ghat No.10 (Private cars will not be a problem).
  6. The fare of boat is fixed TK.800 from the administration.
  7. One boat can carry a maximum of 10 people.
  8. There are some restaurants in the Ghat No.10 (These are not good quality restaurants).

It is our Responsibility to keep our tourist spots clean. Let’s keep the spots neat & clean as we go around. Happy Travelling 🙂

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