Birishiri is located at Netrokona District in Mymensingh Division. It is situated around 200 km north of the city of Dhaka & close to the Bangladesh India Border (Meghalaya).  The main attraction of Birishiri in the Vijaypur- The Colorful Pathways to the Hills, White (Ceramic) Mountains, Bluish Green Water of the Mountains Valley and Someshwari River.  Including mountains and plains, this place is about 15.5 km long and 600 m wide. The color of the mountains here is white. There is white soil all over the hills and also reddish soil can be seen in some places of the mountains. By cutting the soil from the hill the lake was made by the human, water of the hilly lake is either clear blue or bluish green.  Sameshwari River, the source of the magnificent blue, flows through the foothills of the white hills which are now known as coal mine.

Birishiri (PC: Kazi Arefin)
Birishiri (PC: Kazi Arefin)

In the rainy season, the beauty of Birishiri on the banks of Someshwari increases many times. Its wild beauty is shown to the tourists who come to visit Birishiri in the closed rain of the steep slope coming down from the hill.

Winter is the best season to visit Birishiri.

The Natural Beauty of Birishiri
The Natural Beauty of Birishiri

How to go:

Dhaka to Durgapur, Netrokona by bus: There are 2 directly bus services are available for Durgapur, Netrokona. There are- Sarkar, Jinnah. Buses are directly from Dhaka’s Mohakhali bus station to Sukhnagari, Durgapur, Netrokona. Bus rent will be TK.250-350. In 5-7 hours you will reach Birishiri.

Dhaka to Netrokona by train: Haor Express from Dhaka leaves at 11:50 pm. This train has to get off at Shyamganj train station at dawn. From there you can go by bus or CNG to Birishiri Market. You can also go to Mymensingh by train and come to Birishiri by bus from there.

From Sukhnagar, Durgapur you have to cross the small river by boat. You can cross the river and take a rickshaw, tempo, bus and motorbike from the other side. Battery rickshaws can be rented from Birishiri Bazar to visit some more places of interest including Birishiri White Hills. The rent for the whole day will be TK.500-600. Within 5 to 6 hour, The Tribal Culture Academy, Ranikhong Church, Someshwari River, Garo Paiili, Orange Garden, ceramic hills will be covered.

To return to Dhaka, 2 night coaches left forDhaka at 11:00 pm and 11:30 pm in front to Talikdar Plaza, Durgapur. You can collect tickets from there and go by bus to Mohakhali in the morning.

Where to stay?

There are some hotels and guest houses in Birishiri. They are- YMCA Guest House, Swarna Guest House etc. Room rent of those hotels will be TK.300-400 for per night.

Where to eat?

You can order food from hotel managers or search the hotel managers so they can show you the food hotel. Besides hotels there are some food shops or poorly structured restaurants. But while moving in Birishiri, you need to remember that food shops or restaurants are not available in that area. So, whenever you find a food shop, you should eat properly.


  1. It is better to go by bus than by train. This will save time.
  2. For winter time, you must take enough warm clothes.
  3. Must take trekking shoes.
  4. Be sure to bring dry food and water with you.
  5. Carry water bottles as you won’t find shops that easily everywhere.


It is our Responsibility to keep our tourist spots clean. Let’s keep the spots neat & clean as we go around. Happy Travelling  😉




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