Amiakhum Waterfall: Amiakhum (Amiyakhum) Waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in Bangladesh. This Waterfall looks a bit like Nafakhum Waterfall. This waterfall is located in one of the most far-way area in Bandarban. This waterfall is situated at a remote area called Naksiyam of Thanchi upazila under extraordinary district Bandarban (Hill District in Bangladesh). Amiakhum is near to Bangladesh Myanmar Border.

Young travelers visit this waterfall at least once in their life. No Para (Settlement) can be found in the vicinity is located in a very wild environment. The stream is coming down with great speed through the hills surrounded by wild rocks & hilly forest. This Waterfall near the Bnagladesh-Myanmar border is seen as the paradise of Bandarban. In rainy season,  Amiakhum regains its real youth/ wild looks. The huge & huge stream goes down at a tremendous speed. This waterfall ran towards the bottom with great speed.

A boy is enjoying the wild natural beauty of Amiakhum
A boy is enjoying the wild natural beauty of Amiakhum

Velakhum & Sat Vaikhum: Velakhum & Sat Vaikhum is one of the most adventurous tourist spots in Bangladesh. Here nature is decorated in its own color. Its takes 5 minutes to go from Amiakhum Waterfall to velakhum or Sat Vaikhum. The water of Amiakhum Waterfall flowed down to Velakhum & Sat Vaikhum. These tourist spots look almost like Debotakhum. It is possible to visit this place just only with a Vela ( Bamboo Raft). However, the difference between Velakhum & Sat Vaikhum is that after going some distance on the Velakhum , you have to go down through a gap in the rock and go to another new Waterfall which is known as Naiksharmukh”

The natural beauty of Sat Vaikhum
The natural beauty of Sat Vaikhum

Warning: This trail is one of the most difficult & dangerous trails in Bandarban. Sometimes, BGB does not allow them to go this trail. You have to walk a lot, With this mentality you have to give Amiakhum tour.

Way to go:

How to go Bandarban:

Dhaka to bandarban by Bus: At first, you can go to Bandarban from Dhaka by Bus. Many bus companies are provided services of travelling Dhaka to Bandarban such as Eagle, S. Alam, Shanti, Shyamoli, Saudia, Saint Martin etc Paribahans AC & non AC service are available in this route. Those buses fare are TK. 550 top 1200.

Dhaka to Chittagong by Train: There are so many train services departs from Kamalapur , Dhaka for Chittagong. The intercity train Subarna Express, Mohanagar Provati, Karnaphuli Express, Mohanagar Goduli, Sonar Bangla Express, Turna Express etc are available for Chittagong. The fare of those trains is TK.160-1093.

Dhaka to Chittagong by air:  From Dhaka’s Shahjalal International Airport- Biman Bangladesh, United air, Regent Air, Novo Air and US Bangla Air fly daily to Shah Amanat International Airport in Chittagong. The fare of those air is TK.300-8000.

Chittagong to Bandarban by bus: You can go to Bandarban from Chittagong. Pubali and Purbani Paribahan buses run from Baddarhat to Bandarban. These buses are rented at TK. 200- 150 for per person.

Bandarban to Thanchi: The distance between Bandarban to Thanchi upazila is about 78-80 KM.It takes about 4 to 5 hours to go to Thanchi from bandarban. From Bandarban you have to go to Thanchi by Bus/Chander Gari/Jeep/ private Vehicle. The fare of Bus (from Bandarban bus stand) is TK-120 & the Chander Gari is TK-5200-5500.

Thanchi to Amiakhum Waterfall, Velakhum & Sat Vaikhum: There are some routes to go this waterfall. They are-

Route 1: Thanchi> Remakri> Tindu> Nafakhum> Jinnah Para> Thuisa Para> Devota Hill> Amiakhum.

Route 2: Thanchi> Padmamukh> Padmajhiri> Hrishchandra Para> Notun Para> Thuisa Para>Debota Hill> Amiakhum.

Route 3: Thanchi> Bording Para> Simplampi Para> Thandiy Para> Bollong Para> Sat Vaikhum> Naiksharmukh> Amiakhum.

Below are some easy routes to Amiakhum Waterfall, Velakhum & Sat Vaikhum:

1. Route-1: First, you have to rent a engine boat  from Thanchi to go to Remakri.The boat rent will be TK-4200(Ups and downs).  Remakri will reach the market from Thanchi via Tindu. Travelling period will be 4 hours. It will be evening when Remakri arrives. There are various cottages to stay at night in Remakri.  The next morning very early in the morning you have to leave for Nafakhum Waterfall.  It will take you 2-3 hours to reach Nafakhum.  As soon as you see Nafakhum Waterfall, you have to leave for Thuisa Para. It will take you 3 to 4 hour to reach Thuisa Para. To be able to stay the night. The next morning, after breakfast  you have to go out to Amiakhum.  On the way to Amiakhum, you will find 3,4 mountains on this route. The largest of these mountains is ‘Debota Hill’. It is very difficult to go down to Debota Hill. It takes 1 hour to go down from this hill. Going down you will find Amiakhum, Velakhum, Sat Vaikhum and Naiksharmukh like heaven.

However, the way to Amiakhum with Rimakri is a bit difficult, but you have to reduce the trek to 5 to 6 hours.

The natural beauty of Velakhum
The natural beauty of Velakhum (PC: Masum Hossen)

2. Route-2:From Thanchi, you have to rent a engine boat from Thanchi to Padmamukh.  It takes 7-8 hours to walk from Padmamukh to Thuisa Para.  To be able to stay the night. The next morning, after breakfast  you have to go out to Amiakhum.  On the way to Amiakhum, you will find 3,4 mountains on this route. The largest of these mountains is ‘Debota Hill’. It is very difficult to go down to Debota Hill. It takes 1 hour to go down from this hill. Going down you will find Amiakhum, Velakhum,  Sat Vaikhum andNaiksharmukh like heaven.

1. You must need to hire a guide to go this route.

  1. Must take with you photocopy of voter ID Card/ college or university ID card/ birth cartificate/passport.
  2. If you want to see ‘Soilo Propat’, ‘Nilgiri’ and ‘Chimbuk Hill’- you have to see the way back from Thanchi to Bandarban. Because you have to reach Thanchi (from Bandarban City) as soon as possible. The BGB will not allow you to leave Thanchi after 3:00 pm.
  3. Must take trekking shoes from Thanchi Bazar.
  4. Be sure to bring dry food, saline, water and some first aid with you.
  5. To keep the weight of your backpack as low as possible.
  6. If you go in the rain, you will find some leeches on the trip. So you can keep salt with you.
  7. Keep a large rope with you.
  8. It is better not to take children and adults of this track.
  9. Be careful when walking on the hilly Jhiris (Paths).
  10. It is not safe to go on a tour along in this spot of Amiakhum. It is best to Amiakhum tour in a group. The group should be 5, 10 or 14 people. The Idol group is a group of 14 people for this tour.
  11. In this tour, you have to keep towels,hats etc with you.
  12. It is best to wear a t-shirt and three-quarter pants. Jeans pants should be avoided on this tour.
  13. While visiting the spot above this route, you can see the various fields of residents. Refrain from destroying & stealing the crops of those fields.
  14. Do good behave with the local people.

Costs of Guide-  Guide cost for 4 days is TK- 5000-5500. After finishing the tour, you have to come to Thanchi  and pay the guide.

Natural beauty of Amiakhum
Natural beauty of Amiakhum

There are some foods you can keep with you on this tour. They are-

  1. Ciras,
  2. Muris,
  3. Dates,
  4. Chocolate/Suger,
  5. Noodles,
  6. Raisin,
  7. Saline,
  8. Glucose,
  9. Salt etc.

You must have some medicine with you on this trip:

  1. Gastric medicine,
  2. Fever medicine,
  3. Headache medicine,
  4. Vomiting medicine,
  5. Diarrhea medicine,
  6. Odomos,
  7. Bandage,
  8. Hexasol,
  9. Cotton,
  10. Savlon Cream etc.

There is more to take on this tour:

  1. Torch light,
  2. Power bank,
  3. Knife/ Blade,
  4. Soap,
  5. Toothpaste,
  6. Towel etc.


The guide will arrange your stay and meals. You have to stay at to the hill tribes. The cost of living and eating is TK.150+ 80/150 for per person.

It is our Responsibility to keep our tourist spots clean. Let’s keep the spots neat & clean as we go around. Happy Travelling 🙂

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