Madhabpur LakeMadhabpur Lake

People are calling Sreemangal is the tea capital of Bangladesh. Sreemangal is a hilly area. It is an upazila of Moulvibazar in Sylhet. This upazila is famous for Tea Estates. Sreemangal is almost entirely surrounded by Tea Estates and also with Rubber Garden, Lemon Orchards & Pineapple.

There are Tea Estates, Hills, Haors etc in the Sreemangal.  Its natural scenery is very beautiful & charming. Sreemangal Upazila is encircled by Moulvi bazar Sadar upazila on the north, Tripura State (India) on the south, Kamalganj upazila on the east, Chunarughat and Bahubal upazilas on the west. This Upazila is famous for its natural beauty. The rainy season is the best time to visit Sreemangal, because at this time the tea garden looks fresh & green.

How to go Sreemangal:

Srimangal is 190 km away from Dhaka. You may take train or even bus to reach Sreemangal ditectly from Dhaka. There are so many train services departs from Kamalapur (Dhaka) for Sreemangal. They are- Parabat Express, Jayantika Express, Upban Express. The fare of those train are TK.75 to 240.  There are so may bus services from Dhaka to Sreemangal. And they are- Hanif, Shyamoli, Manum, Unique Paribahan etc from Dhaka’s Sayedabad, Kamalapur, Arambagh etc.


Main tourist spots in Sreemangal:

Tea Estates:

Sreemangal is the tea capital of Bangladesh. The green tea plantation attracts most tourists. The tea of highest quality is produced here. Sreemangal  is the place where tea and tea gardens are available from where Sylhet has been contributing to improving economic growth of Bangladesh. There are almost 163 tea gardens  in Bangladesh. You can see Tea Garden is everywhere in the Sreemangal. Seeing the tea garden, it seems as if nature has spread a green carpet on the hills. Zigzag Roads in the middle of the tea garden on both sides looks very charming.  On the way of Sreemangal by bus you’ll see the statue named “Cha Konna” which is a stand for welcome you. The first tea garden in Bangladesh which names “Malni Chhora Tea Estates ” is here. Only one tea research institute in Bangladesh which name is BTRI (Bangladesh Tea Research Institute) is here (Sreemangal).

Cha Konna
Cha Konna

Adi Nilkantha Tea Cabin:

Seven layer tea is very famous in the Bangladesh. Ramesh Ram Gaur has been making this  tea in seven color about 12 years. Each layer contrasts in different color and taste. This tea is more surprising than water on the tongue. Those who visit Sreemangal do not forget to taste Seven layer tea.  At present there are many branches of this tea cabin in Sreemangal. Till this he was able to make 8 layers tea.

Adi Nilkhantho Cabin
Adi Nilkantha Cabin

Sreemangal to Adi Nilkantha Tea Cabin:

You can take a rickshaw from Sreemangal town and go some distance on Kalighat road, you will see Adi Nilkantha Tea Cabin written on a big signboard.  The rickshaw fare will be TK.20.

Lawachhara National Park:

Lawachhara National Park is famous tourist spot in Bangladesh. This Park is situated at Kamalganj Upazila in Moulovibazar.  There are 10 National Parks of Bangladesh, Lawachhara National Park is one of them. This Park is famous for different kinds of trees, rare animals & insects. This park is contains 460 species of rare wildlife & plants. Among them 167 species of plants, 4 species of amphibians, 6 species of reptiles, 20 species of mammals & 246 species of birds.  “Around The World in Eighty Days (a scene from the movie)” was shot in this forest. Inside this park there are three trails. With the help of a Guide, you can go all the way in the forest.  The ticket cast to Lawachhara National park is TK.20 for adults, TK. 10 for the students and minors, 5 US dollars for foreign tourist. Moreover, if you want to take a guide, you can take guides in three categories from TK.200 to 600.

Lawachhara National Park
Lawachhara National Park

Sreemangal to Lawachhara National Park:

If you want to go to Lawachhara National Park, First you have to come to sreemangal by bus or train. Then you can go by CNG from Sreemangal. The total number of coming and going hours is not less than TK.600.  If you want to go by bus, take a rickshaw to Bhanugachha road bus stand, from there the bus fare is TK.10.

Madhabpur Lake:

Madhabpur Lake is located 10 km east of Sreemangal. This lake is situated in the middle of high hills & it is also located in Patrakhla Tea Garden in Madhabpur Union of Kamalganj upazila. This spot is very famous for tourist. This lake flows through both side of small hills. Only tea is grown in most of the hills. There is a way to climb the hill through the tea garden. The blue sky and the dark green hills, like the artist’s paintings, will take you to different world with its beautiful view of the tea garden. The smell of soil & green leaves will refresh anyone’s mind. Madhubpur Lake has water (lake), hills & tea gardens. The water is this lake is always full of various colors of Lotus flowers. It is home to the white Heron. In winter, guest birds come to this lake.

Madhabpur Lake
Madhabpur Lake

Sreemangal to Madhabpur Lake:

Arriving at Sreemangal, you can reach this lake by CNG or bus along to Sreemangal to Bhanugachha road.

Hum Hum Waterfall:

Hum Hum Waterfall is located in the Kurma deep forest area in Rajkandi reserve forest in Kamalganj upazila. The locals call it Hammam Jharna or Cita Jhorna. This Water has hidden of the people for a long time. This Waterfall was discovered in 2010. Due to the Inaccessibility of the road and the location of the waterfall so far on one has seen. The height of the fall is about 160 feet. The body of this Waterfall Mountain is covered with hard rock. Basically It is a place where you can find the real taste of adventure. To go Hum Hum Waterfall, you have to trek 4 to 5 hours from beginning to end the Jungle & muddy paths.muddy. When you travel from first to last the jungle, you surely can find the limitless beauty created by the God. Many unnamed wild flowers, herbs, shrubs, bamboo forest, fruits trees around this Waterfall. The best season to visit this Waterfall is in the rainy season.

Hum Hum Waterfall
Hum Hum Waterfall

Sreemangal to Hum Hum Waterfall:

To reach Hum Hum Waterfall, you need to state your journey early in the morning about 5-6 a.m. The most important things like Knife, torch, fresh water, saline, glucose, dry foods & fast aid are must carrying for everyone. You have to go from Sreemangal to Kalaban Para by CNG. Up & down will take about TK.1500 to 2000.  After reaching Kalaban Para, there are a lots of guides available who can help you to reach Waterfall. Guides will take TK.200-300. Everyone should take bamboo sticks as a support for you. You have to walk for about two and half house in the deep and hilly forest, about 6 km in the forest.

Baikka Beel:

Baikka Beel is the east of Hail Haor in Sreemangal. It is the name of a wetland about 100 hectares. The main attraction of this Beel is various kinds of birds named Purple Swamp Hens, Great Cormorant, Little Cormorant etc, In winter you will also see the guest birds of the bill Sarail, Morcherang Bhuti Duck, Giriya Duck, Lanza Duck etc floating. This Beel is also famous for various kinds of fishes. They are Ayr, Meni, Koi, Foli, Pabda, boal, rui etc.The best time to visit Baikka Beel in winter season (November to February). Lotus flowers are blooming all over the Beel. There are also lilies all over the Beel with lotus. You can enjoy the beauty of Baikka Beel by boat.

Sreemangal to Baikka Beel:

To reach Baikka Beel you can take a CNG /jeep/motorbike/microbus from Sreemangal for the whole day will cost between TK.1000-1500.

More tourist spot in Sreemangal:

  1. Satish Babu’s wildlife service
  2. Monipuri Para
  3. Bird Park & Breeding Center
  4. Slaughterhouse BGB Camp
  5. Adampur Forest
  6. Bir Shrestha Sepoy Hamidur Rahman Memorial

What to do in Sreemangal:

  1. Enjoy the view of Tea Garden’s landscapes.
  2. Visiting the Lake & Beel.
  3. Seeing forest and wild life.
  4. Must drink seven layer tea.
  5. Visiting the Rubber Garden.

Where do you stay?

There are so many resorts, hotels and cottages in Sreemangal. They are- Grand Sultan Tea Resort, Grand Selim Resort & Tour, Green Park Tea Resort, Shanti Bari Eco Resort, Rangauti Resort, Novem Eco Resort, SKD Amar Bari, DUSai Resort & Spa, Lemon Garden Resort, Nilbarno Cottage, Moyna Cottage, Nisarg Lichibari Eco Cottage, Swiss Valley Resort, Lawachhara Eco Cottage, Sreemangal Inn Hotel & Restaurant, Paradise Lodge, Tea Heaven Resort, Hill View Rest House, Sreemangal Resort, Tamim Resort, Hotal Garden Inn, Rose View Horel, La Vista Hotel, Hotel Metro International etc. According to your budget you will find both cheap and expensive options to stay in those resorts, hotels and cottages.

Resorts in Sreemangal
Resorts in Sreemangal

Where to eat?

If you stay at resort/hotel/cottage, you order food per their food menu. Famous restaurants in Sreemangal are Panshi, Pach bhai,, KKutum Bari, Shoshur bari etc.

*Note: However, the above tourist spots are located in other upazilas besides Sreemangal; we will say even after that it is easy to go to these places through Sreemangal.

It is our Responsibility to keep our tourist spots clean. Let’s keep the spots neat & clean as we go around. Happy Travelling 🙂


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