Kalagachhia Eco Tourism Center is located in the western part of the Sundarbans in Bangladesh. This Eco Tourism Center is only land route to the Sundarbans (Bangladesh). It is situated under the Satkhira Range of Khulna Division.

Sundarbans Satkhira Range
Sundarbans Satkhira Range

To reach this tourist place, you will see Geurpatakhali the last village of Shyamnagar Thana in Satkhira District of Sundarbans on the other side & a river named Kholpetua flows in the middle.  After crossing the locality and going to Kalagachhia through the western forest of the Sunadarbansrows of forests on both sides will fascinate everyone. There is an iron bridge at the entrance of the main part of this Tourist Center. There will be countless monkeys here to welcome you. If you cross this iron bridge, you will see a rest house and a wooden bridge. This wooden bridge is called ”walkway/ foot trail”.  You have to go to the deep forest through this “walkway/foot trail”. On the both sides of the walkway there are various types of trees including Khalisha, Harkocha, Golpata, Hoglapata, Sundari, Baain etc which has naturally born here.

Natural Beauty of Sundarbans
Natural Beauty of Sundarbans

In this forest you can see different types of birds including Monkeys, Deer, wild Pigs, Madantak etc.If you are lucky you can also see tigers here. Tiger footprints are often seen in this Tourist Center. There is a 5-story watch tower. From there you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Sundarbans through the eyes of birds. An interesting aspect of this Tourist Center is that you can feed (Leaves, Muri & Biscuits) Deers with youe own hands. The deer will come near to you when they get food.

Feeding the Deer
Feeding the Deer


1. Do not disturb the animals and birds.

2. You have to walk along the designated foot trail.

3. Keep a stick with you to stay safe from monkeys attacks.

4. No more than 25 people can climb on the foot trail.

5. You have to walk in the middlen of the foot trail.

6. No more than 10 people can climb on each floor of the watch tower.

7. Refrain from touching the bodies of various wild animals.

How to go:

Buses from Dhaka to Satkhira are available from Shyamoli, Kalyanpur, Gabtali, Nabinagar and Savar. Many buses companies are provided services of travelling Dhaka to Satkhira(Shayamnagar) such as Satkhira Express, Satkhira Line, Satkhira K Line, Eagle Paribahan, Sohag Paribahan, Saudia Paribahan, Hanif Paribahan, SP Golden Line etc. Those buses fare are TK. 500 to 1500 ( depending on the different standards bus service).

You have to go to Kalagachhia by Engine Boat from Shayamnagar (Munshiganj) / Nildumur Boat Port of Burigoalini. The rent of a engine boat for 20-25 people is TK. 800 to 1600.

Where do you stay?

There are good quality hotels and resorts to stay in Satkhira. They are- Tiger point Guest House, Barsha Resort, Sundarban Hotel, Hotel Soudia, Hotel Sonar Bangla, Utsab Bagan Resort, Rupashi Bangla Lodge & Aakashlina Resort etc.

Where do you eat?

There are some famous restaurant to eat in Satkhira city. They are- Sonargone Hotel, panshi Hotel, Lake View Cafe, Swapna Restaurant etc. You can go to all those restaurant and eat.

It is our Responsibility to keep our tourist spots clean. Let’s keep the spots neat & clean as we go around. Happy Travelling 😉

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