Golap GramGolap Gram

The name of Golap Gram (village) is Sadullahpur. Golap Gram is located in Birulia Union of Savar near Dhaka. Sadullahpur is located on the banks of the Turag River in Savar. This village is very to Dhaka.

Golap Gram
Golap Gram

The whole village is like a largest rose garden. Whole village’s highlands are covered with Mirandi Roses. The whole village of Shahdullahpur is surrounded by roses of different colors. However, red roses are mostly cultivated here. In addition to red roses, yellow and white roses are cultivated here. As you go inside the village, you can see big roses gardens. There are beautiful red roses in bloom. You can buy roses here from any garden. The best time to visit Golap Gram is from January to February.

Village of Roses
Tourist in Village of Roses


  1. Do not pluck garden flowers without permission.
  2. No entry to the gardens after evening.
  3. Refrain from all kinds of immoral activities.
  4. Parking should be done at the designated place.
  5. Refrain from all kinds of eve-teasing.
Village of Roses
Village of Roses

How to go?

Golap gram/ Sadullahpur can be reached by different routes.


Route-1: There is bus service to Mirpur 1 (embankment) via Jatrabari, Gulistan, farmgate. Apart from this, you can easily reach Diabari Battala Ghat by rickshaw from Mirpur 1 or Mirpur 10 or Gabtali.  Apart from this, CNG, rickshaws, autorickshaws can also be taken to the Diabari Battale Ghat. But remember this is not Uttara Diabari. From here the engine boat leaves for Sadullapur for 10 minutes in a row. Speedboats, kosha boats, shallow boats can also be rented on contract to Sadullapur. In that case, the rent of a Kosha boat is TK.300, a shallow boat is TK.250 and a speedboat is TK.500. The whole of Sadullapur can be reached on foot. You can also take a rickshaw on the back road through the middle of the village.

Route-2: Birulia Bridge with CNG Reserve from Tongi Station via Kamarpara. CNG rent will be TK.200. From Birulia Bridge to Arkan Bazar rent will be TK.10 by autorickshaw, from there to Sadullahpur by autorickshaw rent will be TK.10.

Route-3: From Uttara House Building, North Tower or Muscat Plaza along Sonargaon Highway to Laguna to Diabari, then take a short walk to Main Road, take a local car to Birulia Bridge. You can also walk. From Birulia Bridge to Arkan Bazar rent will be TK.10 by autorickshaw, from there to Sadullahpur by autorickshaw rent will be TK.10 or directly from Birulia Bridge to Sadullahpur rent will be TK.20. Or take a boat reserve directly from here to Sadullahpur. Reserve rent will be around TK.500. It can seat about 25 people.

The best route is the route of Birulia Bridge. Because all the largests rose fields are located in this way. You can cover all the eose gardens by stopping the autirickshaw.

Where to eat?

There is a hotel near Sadullapur Ghat. You have to eat from there.

It is our Responsibility to keep our tourist spots clean. Let’s keep the spots neat & clean as we go around. Happy Travelling  😉

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