Lebur Char KuakataLebur Char Kuakata

Kuakata Sea Beach is located at Patuakhali District in southwestern Bangladesh. This Sea Beach is known as “The Daughter of the Sea” to locals and tourists. There is a history behind naming Kuakata. Presumably, the history of Kuakata is intertwined with the arrival of the Arakanese. The word Kua (well) comes from the Bengali word “kup”. The Arakanese migrated to Kuakata from Myanmar in the 16th century after being dispersed by the Mughal rulers. Then here they feel very lack of drinking water. So here they dug a lot of “wells”. Since then the name of this place is Kuakata.

Tourists in Kuakata Sea Beach
Tourists in Kuakata Sea Beach

Kuakata is the largest & popular sea beach in Bangladesh. it’s also one of the best beaches and locals call it is the second sea beach in the country. The natural beauty of Kuakata is very beautiful. It has the very long sandy beach. This Sea Beach is the only beach in South Asia where you can stand and watch the sunrise and sunset. It is better to go to Zhaoban to see the sunrise in Kuakata. From there the sunset looks amazing. It will take 20 minutes to walk to Zhaoban in the morning. There will be rows and rows of trees. This forest has been created by the government under forestation plan.

Kuakata Sea Beach
Kuakata Sea Beach

How to go Kuakata?

Dhaka to Kuakata by bus: The distance from Dhaka by road is 360 km and from Barisal is 160 km. Buses from Dhaka go directly to Kuakata. There are so many bus companies are provided services of travelling Dhaka ( Gabtali/ Sayedabad bus stand) to Kuakata such as Sakura Paribahan, Druti paribahan etc. The rent will be TK.600-800.

Khulna to Kuakata by bus: You can also go from Khulna to Kuakata. BRTC bus leaves Khulna for Kuakata at 8 am. There are so many bus companies are provided services of travelling Kuakata to Kuakata such as Seven star seven deluxe, Kuakata Express, Royal Transport etc. All of them are Non AC and rent will be TK.500.

Dhaka to Patuakhali by Launch: From Dhaka (Sadarghat), get in the luxury double decker MV Parabat, MV Saykat, MV Sundarbans, MV Sampad, MV Prince of Barisal, MV Patarhat etc are go to Patuakhali in the morning. After reach in Patuakhali tou can reach Kuakata by taking a rent car/ Kuakata local bus from Kalapara.

Main Tourist spots in Kuakata:

  1. Lebur (Lemon) Char:

Formerly it was a part of the Sundarbans but now it is remote from the Sundarbans. Locals call this Char Lembur Char/ Nembur Char. This Char is 5 km est of Kuakata Sea Beach. There are different species of trees such as Keora, Gewa, Goran etc. This Char is easily accessible from Kuakata and its an attractive place for tourists.

Kuakata to Lebur Char:Lebur Char can be reached from Kuakata Beach by motorbike/van.

Lebur Char
Lebur Char
  1. Fatarar Forest:

Leaving the vast dungs of the Kuakata Sea to the west, you will see a small stream of muddy waters, a river and a protected mangrove fortest called Fatarar Forest, rising in the bosom of the turbulent sea estuary. Its area is about 997508 acres. It has already gained recognition and fame as the “Second Sundarbans” (this char/forest is part of the Sundarbans). There are mangrove species of plants like Keora, Gewa, Sundari, Fatra etc here.

You can enter this forest is from November to March. You will only have two hours to tour this Forest.

Kuataka to Fatarar Forest: Numerous engine boats are leaves Kuakata everyday for forest purposes.

  1. Char Bijoy:

Char Bijoy is a island in the deep sea about 40 km southeast of Gangamati on Kuakata Sea Beach. The area of the island is about 5000 acres. Red crabs and Guest birds are seen all times. This char has been visible since 5 years ago. In December 2016, this Char was renamed as Char Vijay. This Char is also known as Hirer Char to the locals.

Kuakata to Char Bijoy: You can reach in this island just an hour and a half from Kuakata and you can also reach from 2 hours from Sonakata in Barguna.

  1. Gangamatir Char:

Gangamati Char next to the Gangamati canal on the east side of Kuakata beach. It is best to go to this Char early in the morning. Because the sunrise can be seen here beautifully.

Kuakata to Gangamatir Char: Gangamatir Char can be reached from Kuakata Beach by motorbike/van.

Fatarar Forest
Fatarar Forest
  1. Kawar Char:

This Char is char in the Bay of Bengal. A little further from Gangamatir Char/ Gangamatir Lake, you will reach Kawar Char. Here you can actually see many cows and buffaloes. Cows and buffsloes roam in Zhaoban.

Kuakata to Kawar Char:  Kawar Char can be reached from Kuakata Beach by motorbike/van.

  1. Red Crabs Island:

A little further from Kawar Char, you will reach Island of Red Crabs. Here you will see thousands of little red crabs.

Kuakata to Red Crabs Island: Red Crabs Island can be reached from Kuakata Beach by motorbike/van.


  1. 200-year-old wooden boat:

An ancient sailing ship was found under the sands at the Kuakata Beach. The ship has been permanently preserved in its original form. The Department of Archeology has taken the ship to conservation at the initiative of the department. The ship is 72 feet long and 24 feet wide. The locals know this ship as the Golden ship.

Kuakata to 200-year-old wooden boat: 200-year-old wooden boat can be reached from Kuakata Beach by motorbike/van.

 More Tourist spots in Kuakata:

  1. Tin Nodir Mohona
  2. Rakhain Village
  3. Misripara Buddhist Temple
  4. Kuakata National Park & Zhaoban
  5. Kuakata’s well & Sreemangal Buddhist Temple
  6. Sutki Village
  7. Jinuk (Oysters) Beach etc.

Where to stay?

Kuakata has two post bungalows and Sagar Kanya Tourism Holiday Homes. There are so many beautiful hotels, motels, resorts and cottages in Kuakata. They are- Hotel Nilanjana, Hotel B- View, Hotel Golden Perez, Hotel Beach-Valley, Hotel Family Homes, and Hotel Al Hera etc. According to your budget you will find both cheap and expensive options to stay in those hotels, motels, resorts and cottages.

Where to eat?

If you stay at resort/hotel/motels/cottage, you order food per their food menu. There are some Famous restaurants in Kuakata. You can eat from there if you want.

It is our Responsibility to keep our tourist spots clean. Let’s keep the spots neat & clean as we go around. Happy Travelling 😉

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