Mahera ZamindarbariMahera Zamindarbari

Mahera Zamindarbari (Palace) is located at Mahera, Mirjapur Upazila in Tangail. This Palace is one of the most beautiful & well maintained royal palaces in Bangladesh. It is near Mohera Police Training Centre after Pakulla of Mirzapur stoppage on Dhaka-Tangail highway. The Palace is beautifully maintained by Bangladesh Police and it is also a police training center. It is most tidy buildings in the country, having been built before the 1890s in the style of the Spanish city (Cordoba City). During the War of Independence, the Pak army attacked the Mahera Zamindarbari and brutally shot dead five villagers including the queen of this palace (1971). Later the zamindars left the country by steamer on the river Lohajang to India (Kolkata). After the departure of the zamindars, the Mukti Bahini camp was set up in this palace. An initiative was taken to establish this zamindarbari as a police training center in 1972 and this center was upgraded to a Police training center in 1990.

Maharaj Lodge
Maharaj Lodge

Mahera Zaminbari was founded by Kalicaran Shaha & Anand Shaha in 1890. The chief men of this zamindar dynasty were Harendra Shaha, Bidhu Shaha, Buddha Shaha & Kalicharan Shaha. Kalicaran Shaha & Anand Shaha was 2 brothers.  They traded pulses and salt in Kolkata. Once they earned a lot of money, they moved to the village of Mehera from Kolkata. In this village they built this huge house on vast land. Then they would take tax (dadon) from the villagers and improve the living conditions of the people. When the British introduced the zamindar system, the sons of Kalicharan Saha and Ananda Saha bought a share from the zamindars of the 24 parganas of Cortia for a large sum of money. From then on the rise of Zamindars started in this area. These zamindars then gained a place of love and respect in the minds of the people by doing various public welfare works including schools, roads, water supply in the area. This Palace is spread over 8 acres about 18 miles east & 10 km west of Tangail Sadar. At the entrance of this zamindarbari there are 2 large gates named lion gate (singhodar) and also there are 3 main buildings, a Kachari Ghor (house name), Naib Saheber Ghor (a house of Naib), Mehman Khana (guest room), accommodation for employees, 2 ponds, temples, flower gardens & a large pond in this palace. In front of the house there is a large pond called Bishakha Sagar and behind the buildings there are 2 ponds called Pasra Pond & Rani Pond.

Ananda Lodge
Ananda Lodge

The following is a list of different Lodges:

Chowdhury Lodge: The Chowdhury Lodge will be visible as soon as you enter through the main gate of the zamindar. Its roof wall is beautifully decorated. There is a huge green garden in front it. This is a two storey building. This building has 6 spacious rooms. The main personality of Chowdhury building (lodge) was Sudhindra Kumar Roy Chowdhury. This building is currently used as the office of PTC officials.

Maharaj Lodge: Maharaj Lodge is a unique example of impeccable architectural style. The lodge is located to the weat of the vast Zamindarbari. This is a 2 storey building. It has 10 spacious rooms. Now, It has a spacious garden in front and a tennis court in the back. Earlier there was a Nat temple of Zamindars in this tennis court. On the north side of it was a Durga temple. It is said that Gajendra Kumar Roy Chowdhury of Maharaj building (Lodge) was the most well known personality of the zamindar. He was an honorary judge during the British rule. He raised various animals (Tiger, Deer, Horse) & birds (Peacock, Pheasant, Carcass).

Ananda Lodge: Another residence of the zamindarbari is called Ananda Lodge. It has 12 rooms. It is rumored that Bakul Roy Chowdhury was the most famous personality of Ananda building (Lodge). He was culturally minded and was always busy with travel, theater and music. There are more rumors- Another personality of this building is Radhika Lal Roy Chowdhury. He was the second handsome man in India to be elected by the British government. At present the ground floor of this building is used as the administrative building of PTC.

Kalicharan Lodge:  Kalicharan lodge is said to have built by Zamindar Kalicharan Shaha. This Lodge is very different from other buildings or lodge. There was a puja mandapa in front of the Kalicharan lodge which is used to worship by Queen, Zamindar Nandini and Nandans.

Rani Mahal (Queen Palace): This palace is located on the north side of the guest house. The building decorated with special architectural style, used to provide entertainment for the zamindars. Next to this palace is Rani Pond. This pond is still part of the aristocratic Ghat built by the zamindars. It is said that zamindar nandinis (wife and daughter) used to bath in this ghat. Currently used here as PCT’s classrooms.

Guest House: The guest house is located after Chowdhury Lodge. It is used to accommodate guests. There are 2 bed rooms in this building. There was a dining room between 2 bed rooms.

Chowdhury Lodge (PC- Nizamul Hassan Nayem)
Chowdhury Lodge (PC- Nizamul Hassan Nayem)

Ticket Price:

Mahera Zamindarbari (Palace)’s entry fee is TK. 80 for per person (under 5 years).

How to go?

From Dhaka Mohakhali bus station, there are some bus services are available to Tangail. They are- Nirala Paribahan, Dhaleshwari Paribahan, Jhatika Paribahan etc. The rent will be these buses TK. 120-200. Take these buses and get off (there are directional plaques or large signboards on the highway called Police Training Center) at Natiapara bus stand and take a CHG/baby taxi. CNG/ baby taxi will take you to the Zamindarbari.

Where to eat?

There is a canteen called ‘Hello’ near the gate of the Zamindarbari. There are also 2 small canteens in Pasra pond and fountains.

Where to stay?

If you want to spend the night in the Zamindarbari, there is an AC/ non AC post post bungalow facility. You have to pay TK.5000 for one night stay.

It is our Responsibility to keep our tourist spots clean. Let’s keep the spots neat & clean as we go around. Happy Travelling  😉

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