Jessore is a district in the southwestern part of Bangladesh.

Dhaka to Jessore:

From Dhaka road, rail, plane are available to Jessore. From Dhaka (Gabtoli, Kalyanpur, Kalabagan) Green Line, Sohag, Eagle, Shyamoli Etc Paribahan’s AC & non AC buses goes to Jessore. From Dhaka (Kamalapur) Sundarbans Express, Chitra Express & (Dhaka Airport) United Airlines, Regent Airlines and Novo Air operate are goes to Jessore.

Main Tourist Spot in Jessore

Michael Madhusudan Dutt Memorial (Madhupalli):

Michael Madhusudan Dutt Memorial is known as Madhupalli by locals. It is located at Sagardari, Jessore. Michael Madhusudan Datt was bron on 25th January 1824 in this house. The archaeological Department renovated the house in 1986 & in 1998- 2001, the area was walled off with a cottage-like gate, teon reception halls and a stage. The post bungalow of the Sagardari Tourist Center & Madhusudan Museun have been built around the Madhupalli. On the banks of the Kopotaksh river, The Biday Ghat & the Almond tree attracts tourists. This memorial is open from October to March 9 am to 5 pm & April to September 10 am to 6 pm, weekly holiday is on Sunday and other public holidays. Entry fee to Michael Madhusudan Dutt is TK.10 for domestic tourists and TK. 100 for Foreigners.

Michael Madhusudan Datt Memorial
Michael Madhusudan Dutt Memorial

Jessore to Michael Madhusudan Dutt Memorial:

You have to take a bus from Jessore bus stand to Keshabpur. Get off the bus you can come to Sagardari by battery powered rickshaw or van.

Kingdom of flowers, Gadkhali:

Gadkhali is the Kingdom of flowers.  Gadkhali Bazar is just 16 km from Jessore city. Farmers are cultivating flowers on 4000 bighas of land in 90 villages of six unions at Jhikargachha & Sharsha (Jessore).  Farmers are cultivating flowers on the land. Flowers fields are across field after field. Many types of flowers are cultivated here which spread all over the country. These fields produce flowers worth crores of taka every year. At dawn the flowers are cut and taken to the market in a bullock cart.

Gadkhali Kingdom of Flower
Gadkhali Kingdom of Flowers

Jessore to Gadkhali Kingdom of flowers:

From the local bus stand of Jessore you can get a bus to Gadkhali. From Gadkhali, take a van to see the fields.  Van rent will be TK. 100-150.

Shiva Temple, Chanchra:

Chanchra Shiva temple was built by Chanchra rajbari is located 4 km away from Chanchra Union of Jessore . This Temple is Eight Chala Style special type of Bengali temple architecture where another small chau-chala roof is built over the big one. The Department of Archeology of Bangladesh has declared the Chanchra Shiva Temple as a protected structure.

Chanchra Shiva Temple
Chanchra Shiva Temple

Jessore to Shiva Temple, Chanchra:

From the front of the manihar cinema hall, take a rickshaw/van/easybike/motorbike to Chachra Shiva Temple.

Eleven Shiva Temple Complex:

It is an ancient archeological site at Jessore. Eleven Shiva Temple complex is located in Abhaynagar Upazila at Jessore. It’s located at Bhatpara village in Abhaynagar upazila, 45 km southwest of Jashore town.  There are 11 temples in this complex. This temple complex was built around the eighteenth century by Raja Nilkanta, a member of famous Chanchra Zamindar family for his widow young daughter Abhaya. Those temples are known as the Eleven Shiva Temple because, Abhaya wanted to spend the rest of her life in worship as there was on rule of second marriage in Hinduism at that time. As the request of Nilkanta, he established eleven Shiva temples(according to locals).  These eleven temples have been built facing each other (rectangle setting).  The main temple is 24 feet 4 inches long and 22 feet 3 inches wide. The temple was built of British period.

Eleven Shiva Temple
Eleven Shiva Temple

Jessore to Eleven Shiva Temple Complex:

If you want to go by private car, you have to cross Noapara Ferry from Jessore Monihar Cinema Hall. And if you want to go by bus/motorbike, you have to go to Rajghat from the side of Manihar Cinema Hall. You have to cross the river by boat througt gate number 6 of JJI Mill in Rajghat.  Then walk 5 minutes to reach the temple.

Khajura Baor:

Khajura Baor is located near the Trimohoni bazar of Keshobpur upazila. This lake is an arc shaped lake or oxbow lake and its locally known as Baor. During the dry season its water level decreases drastically. At that time people cultivate paddies and other seasonal crops here. At the rainy season it is full with water and looks like a river.

Jessore to Khajura Baor:

First reach at the Monirampur upazila using any public buses. From Monirampur hire a motorbike/van to reach at Rajgonj bazaar. Khajura Baor is around 10 minutes of motorbike ride, or 30 minutes of van ride from the Rajganj bazaar.

Jhapa Baor:

Jhapa baor is another wonderful arc shaped lake. The shape of the baor is almost oval. This Baor is located in Monirampur Upazila Of Jessore.  You can go around this place by boat all day long. The villages around this baor are very beautiful. Sunset can be seen from this baor which will fascinate you.

Jessore to Jhapa Baor:

First you have to come at the Monirampur bazaar from the Jessore town. You can take the local bus services for this.There are a lot of motorbikes/van available at the Monirampur bazaar. You can take those bikes/van to reach at the Rajganj bazaar. Rajganj bazaar is exactly located beside the Jhapa baor. You shouldn’t have any problem to find the Jhapa baor after reaching to that bazaar.

 Floating Bridge:

Floating Bridge is located in Jhapa Baor area. Its other name is Bangabandhu Floating Bridge. A total rate of TK. 50 Lakh has been spent to build this bridge. . This floating bridge is built on the Kobadak river for the last 5 months. The bridge has recognized connection between Rajgonj and Jampa village. The Bridge was built on the initiative of 60 local youths without any government support. This is made of plastic drums and iron sheets. This bridge made of 839 plastic drums, 800 iron angles and 250 four-foot-wide iron plates.

Jhapa Floating Bridge
Jhapa Floating Bridge

Jessore to Floating Bridge:

The Floating Bridge is in Jhapa Baor, so if you go to Baor; you can easily go to this Bridge.

Purakhali Baor:

Purakhali Baor is located next to Purakhali Beel at Sridharpur in Abhaynagar of Jessore. Although this baor is located on 8 acres of land, the size of the baor increases to 94 hectares during the monsoon season. The 2 hectare sanctuary has 22 species of fish, 16 species of native and exotic birds and 9 species of aquatic plants. The sanctuary was established in 2000 with the aim of increasing the number of fish as well as protecting and conserving birds and aquatic plants. Here 4 fish rescue teams take care of different species of fish.

Jessore To Purakhali Baor:

After reaching at Jessore, you can take local buses or CNG to reach that Baor.

Bharat Rajar Deul/Bharat Bhayana:

Bharat Rajar Deul is  located at  Gaurighona Union in Keshabpur upazila of Jessore district; Which is an abandoned town. It is one of the famous archeological sites in Bangladesh. This Deul was Built in the Gupta Period in the 200th century.It is said that an influential king named Bharat ruled over much of the Sundarbans, including the area along the river Buribhadra, 1600 years ago. To preserve his memory in the whirl of time, he built a high-perimeter deul on the eastern boundary of the village of Bharatvayana on the banks of the river Bhadra. It is said that there was a well in one place of the bank, and if something was thrown there, the object would float in the mouth of the nearby Bhadra river. Lots of antiquities have been found here. Among the antiquities found during the excavations were terracotta human faces, fractions of the hands of gods and goddesses, and more rare ones. Which are now preserved in the Divisional Museum at Shivbari, Khulna.

Deul of Bharat Raja
Deul of Bharat Raja

Jessore to Bharat Rajar Deul:

First you have to take a bus from Jessore Town to Chuknagar Bazar.  From there, get on the easybike/CNG and go within 5 km to Bharat Rajar Deul.

Binodia Family Park:

Binodia Family Park:The park is located in a pleasant environment at Shantala in the cantonment, just 5 km from Jessore city. The park was established in 1997 on the initiative of Lt. Col. Fayez Ahmed. Previously there was an open field. Tickets are arranged later. For recreation there is a mini zoo, park for children, small river, Robinhood house, artificial fountain, 2 food stalls etc. The park is open to visitors every day from 8 am to 6 pm. In winter up to 5 p.m. There are no closing days.

Jessore to Binodia Park:
From anywhere in Jessore city, come to Palbari by rickshaw or easy bike. From Palbari junction some easybikes/rickshaw go to Churamankath. Only 5/6 minutes away. The easybike/rickshaw driver will drop you off at the right place. The maximum rent is Tk.10 to 20.

 More tourist Spot in Jessore:

  1. Benapole Border Gate
  2. Mound of Dam Dam Peer
  3. Baghauaye Khoda Mosque
  4. Baliadanga Temple
  5. Five Jewel Temple
  6. Jess Garden Park
  7. Shahi Mosque
  8. Murli shiva Temple
  9. BAF Museum
  10. Imambora of Haji Mohammad Mohsin
  11. Jhora Shiva Temple
  12. Mirjanagar Hammam Khana
  13. Dhalijhara Buddha Bihar
  14. Sheikhpura 3 Domed Mosque
  15. Khan Jahan Ali’s Dighi
  16. Marshina Baor etc.

Where do you stay?

There are so many hotels in Jessore. They are- Zabeer Hotel International, Hotel City Plaza International, Hotel Hasan International, Horel Divine Center Ltd etc. According to your budget you will find both cheap and expensive options to stay in those hotels.

Where do you eat?

There are so many local hotels & restaurants in Jessore,  You can order food by looking at their menu. If you stay at resident hotels, you order food per their food menu.

It is our Responsibility to keep our tourist spots clean. Let’s keep the spots neat & clean as we go around. Happy Travelling 🙂


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